Chaste Bob's Orgasm Denial Journey
Grand Opening! Chastity Island - 1955

At last, a nude resort for women who might be too shy to try a traditional nudist colony because of the anticipated reactions of men; and for men who might be concerned about their own natural reactions. As you might have guessed from the name, men are required to have their private parts locked in chastity when out on the island.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of fun on the island; it just means some of it must take place behind closed doors – assuming you remembered to bring your key. Or for some of our couples, assuming she wishes to allow it.

Don’t have a male chastity device? We’ll be happy to sell you one, we carry all of the major designs. If you are unsure about that sort of commitment, we have a limited number of rental devices that are completely sanitized between rentals.

Swimming in the pool, romping on the beach, or simply oiling up for a tan, Chastity Island has it all.

Quaint cabins provide private lodging, while convenient to the pool and the opportunity to make new friends.

There are many hiking trails covering the island’s interior highlands. If you prefer, you can see the island by bicycle.

Or just admire the scenery from wherever you are.

For those seeking more athletic activities it’s not hard to find other players to join in.

And after a thrilling competitive game on the beach…

Some people find boating can be both invigorating and relaxing in turns.

The island has a long history of nudity and free expression; around the turn of the century it was an artist colony!

Meet our Founders! They pledge to provide an enjoyable and unique experience for our guests.

Come Join the Fun!
Call to make your reservations.

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