Chaste Bob's Orgasm Denial Journey
Sample Suggested FLR Contract
Contract of Service

This Contract of Service (“Contract” or “Agreement”) is entered into voluntarily by both parties without duress of any kind. This Agreement is by and between ______________ (Wife) and _____________ (Husband).

Article I – Recitals

§ 1.1 Whereas, Husband acknowledges his deep need for loving female authority, and guidance.
§ 1.2 Whereas, it is in the interest of both parties to have a strong and loving marriage.
§ 1.3 Therefor, Husband, desiring to improve himself and the marital relationship, has wisely concluded that he should agree to a Contract of Service for the benefit of Wife, in which substantially all control of the relationship is in her hands. Wife, in exchange, offers to fulfill Husband’s need for loving female authority under this Agreement.

Article II – Definitions

§ 2.01 Abrogate the Contract – The rejection by the Husband of the Contract, leaving the marriage without any terms other than the original marriage vows. Permitted at only one time a year.
§ 2.02 Chastity Device – A locking device for preventing both erection and Orgasm, but allowing for urination and reasonable hygiene.
§ 2.03 Orgasm (male) – An ejaculatory release of semen.
§ 2.04 Prostate Milking – The massage of the prostate gland in such a manner as to release ejaculate and/or other accumulated fluids without an Orgasm.
§ 2.05 Punishment Period of Denial – A period of time in which Husband is denied an Orgasm for punishment, as opposed to ordinary periods of denial.
§ 2.06 Regular Duties – A list of chores, duties and responsibilities and their frequency of performance.
§ 2.07 Review – A regular meeting in which performance under this Agreement is evaluated. This is also the time when Husband should make any confessions of infractions of the Rules. Husband will be offered an opportunity to express comments, concerns and thoughts for the Wife’s consideration.
§ 2.08 Rules – In general, this Agreement in its entirety, as well as any Special Duties, Programs, Rules or requirements Wife may impose at any time.
§ 2.09 Special Duties – A list, though it may not be in writing, of tasks, chores, duties, actions and responsibilities to be performed, typically of a limited or non-recurring nature.
§ 2.10 Special Programs – Actions to accomplish a specific goal, e.g. weight loss, stop smoking, eat healthier, etc.
§ 2.11 Unauthorized Orgasm – Any Orgasm Husband has by any means that occurs without Wife’s specific permission.
§ 2.12 Unauthorized Sexual Contact – Any contact with Husband’s genitals, by anyone without Wife’s specific permission, regardless of whether an Orgasm occurs or not.

Article III – General Terms

§ 3.01 Husband will always treat Wife with the utmost respect and affection in and outside the home.
§ 3.02 Husband agrees to cheerfully and without complaint immediately comply with all of Wife’s “requests”.
§ 3.03 Husband agrees, if after full discussion no consensus is reached, to defer to her decisions in all matters.
§ 3.04 Husband agrees to accept without complaint or argument her evaluation of his performance under this Contract.
§ 3.05 Husband agrees to accept any punishments she may decide to impose for breaches of the Rules or this Contract.
§ 3.06 Husband agrees to perform Regular Duties to the best of his abilities as detailed in Exhibit A.
§ 3.07 Husband agrees to perform Special Duties as Wife may require of him from time to time.
§ 3.08 Husband agrees to take all necessary steps and follow direction to accomplish the goals Wife sets out in Special Programs.
§ 3.09 Husband agrees to promptly and completely confess all infractions of the Rules or terms of this Contract.
§ 3.10 Husband agrees to provide sexual services to Wife at any time, in any manner and under any conditions she desires. Including, but not limited to, providing her with as many orgasms as she desires regardless of whether or not he is permitted one.
§ 3.11 Husband agrees to accept without complaint, both verbal or through physical demeanor or facial expression, Wife’s decisions regarding any sexual contact he may have with her.
§ 3.12 Husband agrees that even during sexual relations with Wife, he must seek permission for his Orgasm before it is inevitable.

Article IV – Chastity

§ 4.01 Husband surrenders complete control of his Orgasm to Wife. She alone has the power to permit him an Orgasm.
§ 4.02 Husband shall not seek, nor permit, any unauthorized sexual contact, as defined in § 2.12.
§ 4.03 Wife has graciously decided that Husband will not be kept in a Chastity Device permanently.
§ 4.04 Wife has generously decided that Husband will not be punished for an Unauthorized Orgasm, provided that it:
· is confessed to her no later that the first Review following its occurrence,
· has been at least 30 days since the last Unauthorized Orgasm,
· did not occur during a Punishment Period of Denial, and
· did not occur during a period in which his performance of Regular and Special Duties was less than acceptable.
§ 4.05 Wife decides the method, manner and severity of punishments for Unauthorized Orgasm.
§ 4.06 Wife may choose to conclude that an Unauthorized Orgasm has occurred solely on the basis of slipping performance of Regular and Special Duties. In this event, she will pick the date from within the last Review period to be deemed the date of the Unauthorized Orgasm.
§ 4.07 Notwithstanding other punishments that she may impose, Wife has determined the minimum punishment for an Unauthorized Orgasm to be:
· confinement in a Chastity Device for a period of not less than 30 days,
· a Punishment Period of Denial of 30 days to run concurrently with Chastity Device confinement, and
· 30 spanks on the bare buttocks with the implement of her choice.
§ 4.08 Wife acknowledges that for the general health of Husband, if he has not been permitted an Orgasm for 28 days or more, including during Punishment Periods of Denial, that his prostate will be milked no later than 35 days from his last Orgasm or Prostate Milking.
§ 4.09 During periods of enforced chastity, Husband will be allowed out of the Chastity Device for routine cleanings and teasings, at times and under conditions to be determined by Wife.
§ 4.10 While confined in a Chastity Device, Husband will always have access to an emergency key, which will be in tamper evident packaging. The unopened package must be shown to Wife upon her request, and returned following the end of his period of enforced chastity.
§ 4.11 Unauthorized removal of the Chastity Device is a punishable offense. In addition, there will be an immediate presumption that an Unauthorized Orgasm occurred. Furthermore, the provisions of § 4.04, exempting certain Unauthorized Orgasms from punishment, will not apply in this case.

Article V – Punishments

§ 5.01 Husband surrenders to Wife the complete discretion to determine the manner, form and severity of punishments.
§ 5.02 Punishments may include but are not limited to:
· extra duties or chores,
· denial of other forms of affection for a specified period of time,
· extending the period of Orgasm denial, such extension known as a Punishment Period of Denial,
· confinement in a Chastity Device for a specified period of time, and
· spankings, strappings and canings.
§ 5.03 Wife, in her sole discretion, may offer Husband a choice between two or more punishments.

Article VI – Privileges

Wife, in her kindness and wisdom, grants the following privileges to Husband:
§ 6.01 Husband may masturbate to the edge of Orgasm as often as he desires, when not confined in the Chastity Device. Privilege to masturbate is not approval for Orgasm, and Husband assumes the full risk and responsibility for even an unintentional Orgasms, which will be treated as Unauthorized.
§ 6.02 Husband may initiate a request for sex with Wife at any time, and cheerfully accept her answer, or her terms under which it will occur.
§ 6.03 Husband will not be required to disclose the contents of this Agreement to anyone.
§ 6.04 Husband will not be required to wear the Chastity Device for medical checkups or procedures, or in other circumstances where exposure is unavoidable. Husband may agree to wear the device in such circumstances.
§ 6.05 Husband may offer ideas and suggestions, especially in anticipation of her needs, on any matter that may arise between them.
§ 6.06 Husband will not be humiliated or belittled personally or in front of others in any fashion.
§ 6.07 Every Sunday at a time of Wife’s convenience, a Review will be held. This will cover the following items:
· Husband’s performance for the week
· Husband’s confessions of infractions of the Rules
· Husband’s comments, concerns and thoughts are offered for her consideration. Husband must not state these as requests, merely express his desires and feelings. Wife, being the fair and loving person she is, will take these under consideration. Her decisions about his comments will be final. Inasmuch as these are not requests, she is under no obligation to respond to them at the time of the Review.

Article VII – Amendment and Renewal

§ 7.01 The term of this Agreement is a calendar year, January 1 through December 31. The Agreement may be extended and renewed indefinitely.
§ 7.02 Wife has the full authority to amend this Agreement at any time, not only in the addition to Regular and Special Duties, but also in any other aspect.
§ 7.03 Wife expresses the opinion that more restrictive is not necessarily better, that her objective is not to merely increase rigidity or severity of control; but rather to improve the marital relationship. Therefore, Wife has generously decided of her own accord that such amendments during the course of the calendar year will not materially increase the restrictiveness of the terms of service. Wife has the sole discretion to determine whether or not such changes constitute material increase in severity.
§ 7.04 With the exception of the first Review of the new calendar year, Husband will graciously be permitted to propose changes to this Contract and his reasons on the first Review of a calendar quarter. In order to preserve the final authority of Wife, this is not a negotiation, Wife has final authority to accept all, some or none of the changes proposed by Husband.
§ 7.05 The first Review following the start of the calendar year, is special as it sets up the renewal of the Contract of Service. It is the one time when Husband has the most freedom, essentially to accept or Abrogate the Contract. Husband must do one of the following:
· Accept the then current Contract (with changes made during the course of the year, including those which may have been made specifically for the new calendar year),
· Accept With Concerns that certain provisions may be so restrictive that he fears he may Abrogate the Contract, or
· Abrogate the Contract in its entirety.
§ 7.06 Abrogation of the Contract does not mean the end of the marriage, but such decision should be viewed as of similar magnitude. Husband pledges not to attempt to use this privilege as a negotiating ploy, but to do so only in the most extreme situation.
§ 7.07 In the event that Husband “Accepts With Concerns”, the Contract as currently amended by Wife is renewed for a period of one month. On the first Review of February, Husband must select either to renew the then current Contract for the balance of the year, or to Abrogate the Contract in its entirety. Wife may, of her own decision, choose to amend the Contract he is presented on the first Review of February as the one to be completely Accepted or Abrogated. The Contract he is presented in February has only two options for Husband; Accept or Abrogate.

Agreed to this date _________________________

Husband: _________________________________

Wife: ____________________________________
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